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     ISBN: 9781760633219
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     Publication Date:  / 8 / 2019

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Aboriginal Australians are the longest surviving human culture on earth, and at the heart of Aboriginal culture is song. These ancient narratives of landscape have often been described as a means of navigating across vast distances without a map, but they are much, much more than this. Songspirals are sung by Aboriginal people to awaken Country, to make and remake the life-giving connections between people and place. Songspirals are radically different ways of understanding the relationship people can have with the landscape. For Yolngu people from North East Arnhem Land, women and men play different roles in bringing songlines to life, yet the vast majority of what has been published is about men's songlines. Songspirals is a rare opportunity for outsiders to experience Aboriginal women's role in crying the songlines in a very authentic and direct form. Songspirals shares a number of songs, including The Gathering of the Clouds, the Whale Songspiral, Guwak and Wititj, as well as personal stories, which give a fuller sense of the meaning of songspirals as deeply spiritual and resonant within everyday lives of people and Country.