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     ISBN: 9781760555511
     Format: Hardback
     Category: Sport/Recrea 
     Publication Date:  19 / 9 / 2019

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The thing about life is that it's short and it's precious. I always wanted to make something of my time on this earth, to have my hands firmly on the wheel of life, not just be a car crash waiting to happen. I have no intention of preaching at the reader, of coming across as holier than thou. I don't want to tell anyone's grandmother how to suck eggs. I just want people to have a think about where they're at and where they're going so every day counts for something.' Throughout his life, on and off the football field, Neale Daniher has risen to every challenge issued to him, with courage, unflinching honesty and his characteristic dry wit. Now he faces the greatest challenge of all: living with Motor Neurone Disease, or 'the beast' as he calls it. Neale has always been a leader and has found ways to bring out the best in those around him, whether it's within his family, in a footy club, or as the Australian face of finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. He's always been a thinker, and while his body is wracked with the effects of MND, his mind won't rest. It keeps ticking over, and he has begun to distil his philosophy on life, examining his principles and convictions. This book is not a memoir but a compilation of thirty lessons for the everyday person that come from all aspects of his life. From being a father and a son, a player and a coach, a husband and a brother to an advocate and a sufferer.