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     ISBN: 9780670079346
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     Publication Date:  / 6 / 2019

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Praise for Corey White s stand-up: Captivating Tom Gleeson It s a spiritually enriching show. Whitey has safer hands than Gilchrist circa 2003 Strap in for this one, it s a harrowing little number that leaves you in a good mood, quite a feat. Herald Sun Corey White runs the full gamut of human existence in a well planned, carefully executed show with a consistent voice and thoughtful jokes that, at times, had me crying with laughter. Crikey A ferocious talent. Pay attention. The Age Wonderful It s a rare stand-up show that you emerge from feeling like a better person, and that you want other people to see so that they can be better people too. I can t give any higher praise than that. The Guardian He seems like an everyman you could happily have a beer with A winner straight out of the gate, a show with depth and insight. Courier-Mail